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  1. Why was it necessary to couch this in terms of forgiving the prequels? That isn’t going to help. I believe that all the negativism that was thrown Jake’s way contributed to his mental health problems. I’ve heard it, I’ve seen it – as recently as Celebration VII. By the way – why wasn’t he invited???? Oh, yeah – putting distance between prequel participants (in any way, shape, form, story, toy, any reference) and today’s Star Wars without George.


    • I’m sorry but you missed the point. What I said was that is doesn’t matter how ANYONE feels about the movies. The only thing people should be considering is offering him support and love.

      I love the prequels and I don’t think there is anything they should apologize for. I’m sorry that you’re not happy with what Disney is doing, but this post is not the place to express that.


      • Hey Mikey – then why mention the prequels AT ALL if the point was truly to give Jake and his family support??


      • I was pointing out that people have mistreated him because of how they felt about the prequels. Regardless of their personal feelings about three movies they should be offering him support because in the end he is still a human being deserving of compassion.

        Not sure why you’re so combative over this. I’ve made it very clear I love the prequels. What have I don’t that offends you so much that you feel the need to be standoffish and call me Mikey?


      • Apologies to you, then Mike. It was the assumption that you had to couch even something good and positive with the words “no matter how you feel about the prequels etc etc” . IMO – and it is just mine – empathy and consolation could be conveyed to Jake as a …..stand alone.

        Happy 4th.


      • No worries at all. For years I’ve heard so much negativity towards Jake Lloyd that he absolutely did not deserve. I was just trying to let people know it doesn’t matter how they felt, good or bad, about his acting or the movies. Not only is he part of the Star Wars family but he is A person who deserves as much compassion as anybody else.

        Have a great fourth as well.


      • By the way, I would love for you to point out where I said anything about forgiving the prequels. I said nothing along those lines.


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