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  1. Good on you! Episode 1is every bit the seminal classic that Ep 4 was, and the Prequel’s in general, tread territory never explored in the classic trilogy. All the haters and self-proclaimed film aficionados can f-off. All they’ve managed to do is suck the joy out of their own lives and they desperately try to do the same for everyone else. This story about you and your daughter is what it’s really all about!

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  2. I love TPM and the prequels and yes, Jar Jar and Jake Lloyd. George always was honest about his intentions – these are films that are made for kids and we’re just lucky enough to have them shared with us too. What a wonderful shared experience with your daughter – it’s a gift, you know? George’s gift to you, from you to her and then back and again.

    and then you give another gift by sharing all of this with us. I thank you.

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